Sunday, July 3, 2011

3000 Calories- Day 1

"you need to eat" "omg you are so skinny"......those are the words i have heard almost all my life (yawns). I am 5" 11 and a size 8 but for some reason some people seem to think i am too "slim" so i have decided to start a diet. Yes, i know how that sounds (rolls eyes), they say you are skinny and you want to diet. I am on a gain weight diet, (sheepish smile). I plan to stuff myself till i look like a pinata, that should get some people off my back, lol, but really though i want to add some *flesh.

I have a diet mate, funny thing is her diet is to lose weight while i on the other hand am struggling to gain *funny how this life is, sigh! She's going on a 7day no food diet just a diet drink and I am going on a 7 day eat till u die diet. It gets worse, we live in the same house, i wonder how we would survive.
My day1 went well tho, with a tub of Ben and Jerrys, 1 magnum, pasta, rice, salad, chicken, fries and a cup of green tea to calm me down i felt i had conquered the world, with smiles all over my face i climbed the scale and......the same weight *sigh. It was war tho, at a point i felt my body shiver it probably has never had so much food at a go before. e go better. lol

It's late now and i have my dissertation to get back to, so i'll catch up with you'all later. see you tomorrow with day 2.