Sunday, July 3, 2011

3000 Calories- Day 1

"you need to eat" "omg you are so skinny"......those are the words i have heard almost all my life (yawns). I am 5" 11 and a size 8 but for some reason some people seem to think i am too "slim" so i have decided to start a diet. Yes, i know how that sounds (rolls eyes), they say you are skinny and you want to diet. I am on a gain weight diet, (sheepish smile). I plan to stuff myself till i look like a pinata, that should get some people off my back, lol, but really though i want to add some *flesh.

I have a diet mate, funny thing is her diet is to lose weight while i on the other hand am struggling to gain *funny how this life is, sigh! She's going on a 7day no food diet just a diet drink and I am going on a 7 day eat till u die diet. It gets worse, we live in the same house, i wonder how we would survive.
My day1 went well tho, with a tub of Ben and Jerrys, 1 magnum, pasta, rice, salad, chicken, fries and a cup of green tea to calm me down i felt i had conquered the world, with smiles all over my face i climbed the scale and......the same weight *sigh. It was war tho, at a point i felt my body shiver it probably has never had so much food at a go before. e go better. lol

It's late now and i have my dissertation to get back to, so i'll catch up with you'all later. see you tomorrow with day 2.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Words, where art thou???

Okay, this is really becoming annoying, i think i really need to do something about this blog....i keep saying i Blog but i really cant seem to put anything down.....the thoughts are there, the activities are there, for the life of me my wonderful life is filled with so much drama i could run 10 seasons of a soap but still.....NO WORDS!!!!

there shall be a turn around, the words would come and the time too..hehehe.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally, i got out.........power of the ex!

It had been 6yrs, a relationship that lasted just 2yrs had an aftermath of 4yrs? we dated back in uni and it was a good run, but you just know relationships that aren't meant to work. Nothing nasty, he didnt cheat, we didnt fight...just had major family issues (tribe and religion) its amazing how some families still live in the primitive age. Oya let me go....!!!! No way, you cant be with me and you dont want to let me go? how selfish can you be.

He called me his AFRODISIAC? hmmmnn, and to me he was my KARMA!! i loved him, (or so i thought), we were a perfect couple (people said).......every other guy that came along after that fell by the way side beacuse of the "power of my ex", it became ridiculous. i remember this particular time, i met this guy and i thought, ok! this time i just might leave, went to the ex for CLOSURE!!!! biggest mistake ever (does that really work? dont think so! it just makes it messy) anyways, asked for closure and i found myself breaking up with the new guy. why? lol....cos i was still "in love with my ex"

......we had dreams, we had hopes, we had plans.....none of which fell through. I cried bitter sweet tears, i remember holding my Holy word close to my chest one day, asking God WHY ME)i actaully thought i was cursed ooooo......silly right? lol. friends thought i was loosing it, some even thought i was physically, (Queen Bee like you?). tried everything...cut him off from fbk, deleted his #( who was i kidding, i could recite it in my sleep,lol)..i even cut off our mutual friends.......all we needed was one meet and i became stupid again. we both stayed single for a very long time which probably made it harder.

Then one day, i woke up and said i had had 23? u better wake up girl and smell the coffee babes, its black and aint got sugar in, hes going to string you along till you're 27 then tell you stories, lol, no way was i letting that happen to me. it Few months down the line i met HIM , trust me he's the best thing that has happend to me in a very lonnnggggggg time. He gives me the butterflies, he makes my heart this is the one i truly love. You know how you have a check list, ever have anyone tick 98% of it? Thats my baby!!! il talk about him in another post

It took me a while, maybe too long to get hold of myself from my ex but i finally did, i finally got out and im loving every single moment....told the ex i had a steady boyfriend now, who has met my family members and he sounded abit, (not my problem) what does he do....tells me he's engaged to be married in 3yrs, lol....CONGRATS me dear! just send me an invite when the time comes........i have finally broken the curse.
snoozy land calls......nyt nyt!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hmmmnnn, today has been a very stressful day spent basically my whole day at the airport, a flight meant for 12:20pm ended up leaving at 5:20pm...IMAGINE!!!! then to top it up, im PMSn, so the hormones are just messing with my emotions.

PMSn......LOL, i just love the way that sounds, we girls can get away with alot of things just attribute it to the fact that its that time of the month. but the part i hate most is when guys act silly and ask dumb questions like "is it that time? ure trying to have a conversation and they go ..."dont mind her, its that time" meaning......ure acting insane or irrational or....mschew!!!!

O well, new to the blogging world, just thot ild try it out before hitting the sacks. Would take it off from here tomorrow.

nyt nyt!!!!