Tuesday, September 1, 2009


......so, today has been a very stressful day spent basically my whole day at the airport, a flight meant for 12:20pm ended up leaving at 5:20pm...IMAGINE!!!! then to top it up, im PMSn, so the hormones are just messing with my emotions.

PMSn......LOL, i just love the way that sounds, we girls can get away with alot of things just attribute it to the fact that its that time of the month. but the part i hate most is when guys act silly and ask dumb questions like "is it that time? ure trying to have a conversation and they go ..."dont mind her, its that time" meaning......ure acting insane or irrational or....mschew!!!!

O well, new to the blogging world, just thot ild try it out before hitting the sacks. Would take it off from here tomorrow.

nyt nyt!!!!


  1. lol@ Is that the time?
    How dumb!

    Yep, we get away with PMSn...
    Because we can!

    Welcome to Blogsville.

    Hope you like it here.

  2. yep....they can be arses sometimes, but there's nothing that can be done about it. We have those moments and they have to accept it.......

    wellcome to blogsville